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In 2019 a dream became reality when we were able to launch our Beauty shop. Our main goal was to have a platform for women of color who are considered the minority in the beauty industry.

Our promise to YOU is that every beauty product we make is the best that WE can possibly make. We don’t just want to be your average beauty store. We want to speak to EVERY woman. We feel her pain and needs. Our promise is to give you what you need, especially when it comes to skincare and makeup products.

RLW Cosmetics was formed with an uncompromising vision: to create a community centered beauty destination that brings together the best in online shopping, beauty advice, and entertainment..

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Discover our latest products and discounts, share your experience with others or simply browse through the available Lipgloss. At RLW cosmetics, we believe a woman’s beauty starts with confidence! 


Discover the best cosmetics you have ever used. Created and developed for women to express and embrace their femininity.

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Our Customers love our products and we will earn your trust too! Our quest for perfection in cosmetics brought us to create this exclusive line of lipgloss. Our products have been tested and perfected to ensure plumping lips.